ATF and our family of companies have a broad range of manufacturing capabilities that set us apart from our competitors. With our combination of core competencies and expertise, you can rely on us for smart assembly solutions. Take a look at some examples showing our assembly capabilities.

Insert Molding

If your application requires the strength of a steel part with an overmolded plastic feature, we can help. By teaming up with ASYST Technologies, we can engineer and develop precision insert molded components using cold formed inserts made by ATF. Our vertical integration and combined expertise in cold forming, insert molding and tooling separates us from our competition. Whether you are looking to add features, insulate, prevent noise or reduce weight, rely on ATF to help develop an insert molded component solution.

Metal to Plastic

With our expertise in Delta PT® thread forming fasteners, plastics and automation, we can develop assemblies that combine the benefits of a threaded fastener with the retention features and definition as shown in this molded thermoplastic clip. This solution, versus an all-metal design, contains less steel, weighs less and eliminates the need for costly secondary machining operations. These cost and weight savings add up. Let us help you evaluate the components in your assembly for potential metal-to-plastic assembly solutions.


By combining our strengths in application engineering, manufacturing and automated assembly, ATF can help with small multi-piece assemblies. It starts with early involvement during design and development. We take the time to understand your application and review all the mating components. With our expertise, we can help you reduce part numbers and simplify your design resulting in an assembly that’s manufacturable and worry free.

Metal to Metal

Handling and managing part numbers can add cost and time to your assembly operations. With ATF’s vast manufacturing and engineering capabilities, we can develop solutions that combine parts and simplify your assembly operations.  We have a number of different engineered assembly solutions for retaining metal and plastic components. Our steel washer assemblies for drive line applications are just one example of how ATF reduces costs and complexity for our customers.


Assembly automation is a core competency of the ATF family of companies. Partnering with ASYST Automation, ATF will streamline assembly and program costs with customized assembly systems tailored to your needs and quality specifications. The expertise of our automation team allows us to incorporate capabilities and content that reach far beyond our cold forming proficiency to provide unique industry-leading solutions. ATF utilizes a variety of fully automated systems to supply assemblies for a vast number of applications. This lets us stay competitive and sustainable, so we can support our long-term customer relationships.

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